NYC: Don’t forget to go to this tonight!

7pm: THE GRACE COMICS SHOWCASE! Girly Stories, Teenage Diaries, and Other Marvels of Women’s Graphic Fiction PRESENTING: Megan Kelso: author of The Squirrel Mother and Queen of the Black Black articulates the role of “place” in fiction. Gabrielle Bell: author of When I’m Old reads from her forthcoming graphic novel Lucky. Mo Pitkin’s is located […]

Just one word: infographics

The rise of the graphic novel is greatly tied in with the increased prevalence of “visual literacy.” As guru McCloud predicted a while ago, generation after generation raised on TV, video games and now the Internet use words and pictures as a language more fluently than ever before. The Editors Weblog, which bills itself as […]

Otaku invade Romania!

OTAKU GO WILD IN BUCHAREST THIS WEEKEND! MULTI-CULTI APOTHEOSIS! 40-year-old virgin gypsies! Carpathian cosplay! If it’s half as crayzee as that video, we are so bummed to be missing out. Prima conventie de anvergura a culturii OTAKU din Romania cu caracter national si international ce promoveaza artistii din diverse domenii ( banda desenata, ilustratii, animatie, […]

Marvel’s MMO

Here’s a story we didn’t really cover as we should have: Marvel teaming with Cryptic Studios to create their long-rumored MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game). The story is amusing because Marvel was formerly SUING Cryptic for copyright infringement with their hugely popular superhero MMO, CITY OF HEROES. Now it’s all lovey dubbins. However, this link […]

71 pages of SIDESCROLLERS at CBR

Comic Book Resources is offering a 71 page online preview of SIDESCROLLERS the new graphic novel by Matthew Loux: Brian, Brad, and Matt are three best friends who have stuck with each other through thick and thin, despite the fact that they love to tease each other constantly. It’s a sweet summer off from the […]

Ben Heymann guests with Lauren Weinstein

Lauren Weinstein writes to tell us that the very first guest artist is up at His name is Ben Heymann, a former teenage student of mine. He’s created this totally gruesome comic entitled “Rotting Zombies”! View it if you dare! Always with the ZOMBIES! Man, people sure love those flesh eating shamblers. She also […]

Another writer, another comic

Yet another prose author takes his shot at a Marvel character, this time Gregg Hurwitz on FOOLKILLER, who was recruited by Brad Meltzer to the wonderful world of comics’ instant gratification. Best-selling author Gregg Hurwitz, the writer behind the Kill Clause and Last Shot, will be revamping Foolkiller for the Marvel MAX line. Hurwitz is […]

10/4 Linkie winkins

§ Jim Woodring is selling some new art at his IVORY TOWER ART OUTLET. § Very nice Ed Brubaker profile (not INTERVIEW) At the Seattle Times. § Greta, the 12-year-old comics reading whiz blogger is now conducting interviews at THE PULSE. First up: Craig Thompson: THE PULSE: How do you think the book would have […]