We were cruising along the other day and came on this site (via the WFMU blog), presenting mostly-animated videos by someone named David O’Reilly. In particular, we liked this, which is one of the most haunting things we’ve seen in a while. Apparently, it was made to play inside Benetton storesand for sure it’s just the kind of thing we would like to see playing on banks of plasma TVs as we purchased a frumpy woolen vest. According to O’Reilly “For me it was an experiment with a few visual things before I went into something bigger. To tell the truth though I actually hate the thing and never wanted anyone to see it, but it was out of my hands. In any case I’m happy and equally surprised that others seem to like it.”

We do like.


  1. That was a very cool video. As we like to say, “that man is so far out of his mind he’s back in it.”

    Wonderful stuff.