OTAKU GO WILD IN BUCHAREST THIS WEEKEND! MULTI-CULTI APOTHEOSIS! 40-year-old virgin gypsies! Carpathian cosplay! If it’s half as crayzee as that video, we are so bummed to be missing out.

Prima conventie de anvergura a culturii OTAKU din Romania cu caracter national si international ce promoveaza artistii din diverse domenii ( banda desenata, ilustratii, animatie, modelare 3D, moda, VJ…) si forme de cultura populara contemporana precum banda desenata, anime, jocurile video, muzica, filmul, moda, literatura…extinzandu-se de fapt in majoritatea domeniilor culturii de masa.

For the non-Romanian speakers in our audience, ComiPress explains:

A new event called Otaku Festival will be hosted at the National Dance Center and the Desant Theater in Bucharest, Romania on October 7 and 8. According to the organizers, “the purpose of the event is to encourage the otaku phenomenon in Romania.”

If only Borat were there to report. He’d know what to do.