Diamond to distribute HOUSE OF SUGAR

Some good news to start off the weekend. Hope Larson writes to say that Diamond will carry HOUSE OF SUGAR by Rebecca Kraatz after all. I just heard from Jim Kuhoric that Diamond has reversed its decision and will be distributing House of Sugar after all! This is majorly good news, and I’ll pass along […]

FIGHT! Toth vs Rude — now with Rude response

[Click on all images for larger versions] By now most everyone who spends a lot of time readings blogs an message boards has seen this: reproductions of a letter from 1986 wherein legendary cartoonist Alex Toth critiques Steve Rude’s layouts for a JONNY QUEST story. The critique is not kind. “FAKE! …Too little thought or […]

Citizens flee CIVIL WAR

Apparently, the late shipping CIVIL WAR #4 shipped this week, with many shocking revelations. (Hint: We’re going to need a bigger grave.) However, reaction in the blogosphere has been, well, contemptuous. Normally we take such things as momentary ventings, not life-changing moments of clarity: despite all the retailer and internet whining about CIVIL WAR, no […]


Will COMICS AS ART: WE TOLD YOU SO, the oral history of Fantagaraphics be published, in the wake of the Harlan Ellison lawsuit? We sure hope so, especially after reading this review in PRINT MAGAZINE: Compiled by comics historian Tom Spurgeon and related in anecdotal fashion, Comics as Art is an entertaining, engaging dialogue that […]

Indies publisher sign up for digital delivery

McCloud was right! Micropayments! Sort of. DriveThruComics.com is a spin off of a very sucessful RPG downloading site that has begun to offer downloads of comics from Dabel Brothers Productions, Shi, About Comics, Arcana, Archaia, NBM, UDON, Heroic Publishing, and Kenzer and Company, with more on the way. ICv2 has an informative write-up. The business […]

If cartoonists were celebrities

Bob Fingerman’s new book Recess Pieces is gory horror fest about kid zombies, but Bob admits he’s squeamish about violence, and was even grossed out by Monty Python as a kid. “I remember being pretty freaked out by the “goreâ€? in that Monty Python “Salad Daysâ€? sketch (the one with all the ‘20s fops sitting […]

Comics at the Opera

The long awaited TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN opera opens tonight, and The Portland Tribune has a preview: They sing another ode to coffee, and that’s it. “In the comic there were three locales, but I cut them down to one so we could do this cheaply,â€? Wheeler says cheerfully, as he lurks at the edge […]

Linkage 9/22

ITEM! Of all the pages that have linked to us, this is probably the coolest ITEM! New York Times covers Invisible Woman/Mr. Fantastic break-up. ITEM! Pia Guerra blogs the last year of Y THE LAST MAN. ITEM! Funky Winkerbean creator gives character cancer. ITEM! The Kryptonese Alphabet. {Link via Kottke.]