~Chiarabautista Misyu
Milk is an illustrator from Tucson, and we don’t know much more than that but her MySpace page is amazing.


  1. Astoundingly beautiful stuff. Anybody knows if she sells prints or anything of the like? Her Myspace page doesn’t have much info, beyond the gorgeous art.

  2. Damn, I think that stuff looks great. I really can’t wait to learn more of that kind of stuff in school (illustrator, etc).

  3. Very nice. My googling couldn’t reveal a proper website for the artist. But her name is Chiara Bautista, she lives in Tucson, she’s a graphic artist for the Arizona Daily Star, and she’s originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

  4. Good work, Detective Rolston! I actually asked her if she has a website and she doesn’t. Man she needs one!