Harvey memories

There’s a bit of chatter about this year’s Harvey Awards out there, including this from PvP’s Scott Kurtz (No permalinks so you’ll have to scroll down to the 9/10 entry): Marc Nathan, The family of Harvey Kurtzman, the staff of the Baltimore Comicon, Steve, Brad, John, and countless others who aren’t famous comic book creators […]

Citigroup bullish on Marvel

Several blogs picked up on the news that Citigroup has initiated coverage of Marvel stock at “Buy” and the news sent Marvel stock up pertly yesterday and then down just as pertly today. Overall, Marvel stock has been on the rise since mid-summer, which is a bit ironic given the number of top execs who […]

Spidey wife slayer gets 18 years

A crazed Spider-Man enthusiast who hacked his wife to death with a samurai sword was sentenced yesterday to 18 1/2 years behind bars. Family members of Ivor Forbes’ wife, Keisha Denton, were in court yesterday and wanted the killer to explain to them why he attacked his 34-year-old bride in their Pelham Bay apartment on […]

Inumaru felt she “wasn’t good at job”

A few more details on the suicide of Rin Inumaru, creator of OJARU MARU: Rin Inumaru, the 48-year-old creator of “Ojaru Maru,” apparently jumped from the roof of her 14-story apartment complex in Tokyo on Sunday. She left a note, addressed to her mother, in which she said, “I’m not good at my job.” Her […]

CPM announces Anime on the Web

Just to complete a manga news trifecta, CPM has just announced they’ll be distributing free anime videos via Google Video…including Tezuka’s BLACK JACK! Woot, count us in! What with this, Amazon and iTunes announcing movie downloads in the last few days and now The Beat videoblogging, digital delivery is here…but what will it MEAN? In […]

Viz publishes art books

Just in time to deplete your holiday budget, Viz has announced a series of art books based on such popular properties as NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, FUSHIGI YÛGI and HANA KIMI, as well as their first instructional art book, SHOJO BEAT MANGA ARTIST ACADEMY. Full details in the jump. VIZ Media’s ongoing series of […]

PR: Seven Seas launches light novels

Innovative Seven Seas ads a new line of “light novels”, ” which are actual novels that are geared towards manga readers, whatever that means. Seven Seas Entertainment announced today the launch of its all-new “Light Novelâ€? imprint. Light novels, as they are known in Japan, are a new form of prose fiction geared towards young […]

People on the move: Sablik to Top Cow

From the PR: Top Cow Productions has added a seasoned veteran to its staff, who will bridge both business and creative affairs. Filip Sablik has assumed the role of Vice President of Marketing & Sales, where he will develop and implement large-scale marketing, advertising, and promotional efforts, working closely with Top Cow’s promotional partners. He […]

Bill SIenkiewicz is blogging

Right here: one digression: you’ll notice i don’t use many capital letters in my missives. i do, but rarely. this isn’t due to some adherence to e.e. cummmings,(i’m more of a keats guy, actually) or being held in thrall by archie and mahitabel, though i admit i am. truth is, there are some arenas where […]