A crazed Spider-Man enthusiast who hacked his wife to death with a samurai sword was sentenced yesterday to 18 1/2 years behind bars.
Family members of Ivor Forbes’ wife, Keisha Denton, were in court yesterday and wanted the killer to explain to them why he attacked his 34-year-old bride in their Pelham Bay apartment on Dec. 7, 2003.

They left without an answer.

Cops responding to the gory scene that fateful day found Forbes at the door, sword in hand and covered in his wife’s blood, declaring, “I am God, you can’t kill me.” They opened fire on the psycho, hitting him in the legs and hand.

In court yesterday, he sat in a wheelchair and said nothing.

His lawyer, Ira Brown, later said that Forbes was psychotic at the time of the killing – as doctors for the defense and prosecution agreed – and can’t explain the attack, which occurred after he lost his job as a computer programmer.


  1. The source article was from the New York Post, which I had guessed as soon as I read the “opened fire on the psycho” line. For those not in or near our fine city, the NY Post may be best described as a “rag,” dedicated to upholding and perpetuating only the finest traditions of yellow journalism.

  2. on the day this was reported, a while ago, there was more info. I think he had an internet comic book name and there is this story about forcing his wife to try and be a character for some halloween or something, but the details are there, they are just not followed up on in this article. Heidi is not to blame.

  3. i worked side by side with guy in the it department at trafalgar tours for years. the press got alot of facts wrong. he wasn’t a programmer, he was a network admin guy, and not too good at it either.he was a huge spiderman fan though and loved to collect things spiderman/transformer/gi joe related. bought them on ebay and had them sent to the job. i held the samurai sword he used in my hands the day they were delivered. he wasn’t a bad guy and i can only theorize why he snapped. he was fired unjustly by the worst boss i’ve ever had, amir nadel. and i believe when he lost the job, he lost the medical benefits, he lost the prescription plan that enabled him to buy the pills he needed to keep his mental illness in check. i’m just glad he didn’t come back to office and go postal. when spiderman !! as i sat in the movie theater i kept thinking about how he’s missing it.

  4. Anyone who kills another person is mentally ill. The only question is did he know it was wrong. I think so, he’ll get meds in prison.