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one digression: you’ll notice i don’t use many capital letters in my missives. i do, but rarely. this isn’t due to some adherence to e.e. cummmings,(i’m more of a keats guy, actually) or being held in thrall by archie and mahitabel, though i admit i am. truth is, there are some arenas where one must really just admit one sucks at something. por moi, typing is one of them. and i’ve typed this way for so long, that i’ve actually come to admit that i like how it looks. at least it’s consistent.
it’s a vaguely republican notion: that i’ve learned to view a weakness as a strength. one i’m not defensive about, at least i’m delusional enough to hope not. my i.q. is around 50.(ten points lower with a baseball cap on backwards, higher with a kangol beret worn in a similar fashion) and yet when push comes to shove, i can go head to head with mavis beacon and do okay. maybe, in the movie ’seven’, my rare use of capitals could have been the sin of sloth. i’m a busy so-and -so. not using the shift key is where i cut my corners.