R. Stevens on United Media

Wizard — yes, I said WIZARD — has an interview with R. Stevens on his move to United Media, a deal precipitated by Ted Rall who joined United in June to acquire hip, young cartoonists. It seems he is carrying out his mandate. WIZARD: Tell us how the deal with you and United Media came […]

Helping the Hernandez family

UPDATE: Shaenon Garrity is selling NARBONIC art to raise money for the Hernandezes In more pressing news, Lea Hernandez, the cofounder and former editor of Girlamatic as well as a groundbreaking cartoonist and a major presence in the comics world, has just been through a terrible house fire. She’s been posting updates on her LiveJournal […]

Send good thoughts to Lea Hernandez — UPDATE

Lea Hernandez suffered a serious house fire last night. Her family is okay, but four cats and two dogs died from the smoke. It’s unknown how much of her art she lost. Obviously, she’s going to need us. UPDATE: We’ve already heard of a few folks wanting to organize benefit efforts for Lea and her […]

Geppi’s Museum profiled in NY Times

The long awaited Geppi’s Entertainment Museum opens this Friday, and George Gustines has a report: If Steve Geppi has his way, his new Entertainment Museum will be a cultural institution that children must be dragged out of rather than into. And his idea of children does not mean 12 years old and under. A grid […]

Charles Vess blogs

It’s true! He kicks off with a set report from the STARDUST movie: None of the designs look quite like my original drawings but are never the less very satisfying in their own right. Much as if they were from an alternative world of Stardust just slightly over to the left from my own. After […]


Plug time: Cartoonist, animation writer, Beat pal and all around cool lady Anne Bernstein has a site called oddbooksonline where she sells many mysterious tomes, including rare children’s books, cookbooks and biographies of folks like Oscar Levant. It’s a cool site just for browsing around.


Former Vertigo assistant editor Mariah Huehner on what an editor does at the new SEQENTIAL TART: Many people don’t seem to realize that what editors are really for (besides making sure the entire system works, no one’s ego gets bruised, and oh, yeah, that the books ship on time) … is to help the creator […]

End Times: T-shirts for stalkers

This came across our MySpace linkage, a site called Comic Stalkers which sells t-shirts for the REAL fans. Quote: In here, you will find shirts proclaiming your love for David Mack, Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming, Alex Maleev and many others! There are also t-shirts for Buffy fans, Fruits Basket fans, and female comics […]

To Do, NYC: Jim Hanley’s Universe

September’s signing line-up at Jim Hanley’s is busy as all get out and it starts TODAY with Sean Chen and Bernard Chang. Here’s the calendar of events: On Wednesday, September 6th, JHU welcomes SEAN CHEN (Wolverine, X-Men: The End) and BERNARD CHANG (Black Belt Club) as they sign the new Boom! Studios release, THE BLVD […]