Tokyopop, etc.

We realize that all hell is breaking loose throughout the punditocracy on this topic, but we really are on vacation. But we do agree with David Taylor. There is definitely a reason DRAGON HEAD was chosen.

STAR TREK: the next abomination — UPDATE

This is dumb: The United Federation of Planets has never looked so crisp and full of dimension. CBS Paramount gave Trekkers reason to throw their pointy ears in the air Thursday with the announcement that all 79 episodes of the original Star Trek are getting digitally remastered and will be heading into syndication next month […]

Jeff Smith on Tarzan, Kelly

Jeff Smith turns out to be quite the blogger. He not only posts a look at his cover for the second volume of Fantagraphics’ OUR GANG reprints, he also talks about Joe Kubert’s Tarzan comics Joe Kubert’s lines are coarse and chunky like greasy charcoal, laid down in loose, easy gestures. The shapes and spaces […]

McClouds are out there

The Making Comics Fifty State Tour Hit the road the other day I will tell you that we are in Beaver, Utah again (stopped here on the way to Minneapolis two months back) and the water is still really good. We did not get out of the apartment until 4:30am this morning, that made us […]

Strange creatures of the deep

While the Maine Mystery Beast seems to have been debunked, we are here to tell you, Maine is a hotbed of Crytozoological lore. There’s a Crypto exhibit going on at Bates College in Lewiston, and we’ve already heard credible reports of sightings of The Beast of Togus (a strange pig-dog seen running down the middle […]