Wizard jumps the shark, fires two

After a week of folks piling on with all their stored-up grievances against Wizard, things took a darker turn last week, as Wizard fired Stewart Morales and Gabe Fieramosco, the two folks most responsible for putting on conventions. Morales and Fieramosco took over the logistics of the shows after Brenda Cook moved to a different […]

Box Office watch: The secret of SUPERMAN’s non-success

Meanwhile, the disappointment of SUPERMAN RETURNS’ worldwide grosses continue to cause vague, disquieting unease in Hollywood: Now that Warner Bros.’ “Superman Returns” has flown around most of the world, the question is: What was the factor that proved kryptonite to weaken the superhero’s results? Was it the studio’s marketing campaign? A character too steeped in […]

Box Office watch: ZOOM crashes

Biggest comic book movie bomb of the year? ZOOM which came in at a dismal 7th place. “Zoom” opening was one of Tim Allen’s worst, ahead of only “Joe Somebody” and “Big Trouble.” Per-play take was a dismal $1,839 at 2,50. [sic]

Manga watch: ComiKet!

Naniwa at Mangacast covers the biggest show of them all:ComiKet! Twice a year doujin fans across the world head for the big one. This is the manga mecca. This is where people pass out in line for a book from their favorite circle covering their favorite genre and series. This is where it feels hotter […]

Manga Watch: Takaya in TIME

Time continues to discover manga with an interview with FRUITS BASKET’s Natsuki Takaya: TIME: What do you think about manga being attempted by non-Japanese creators? Do you consider it manga or another form? NT: Simply put, I’m glad that manga as an expressive form is expanding. I think that nationality has no relation to that […]

Manga Watch: Manga Junkie debuts

Manga Blog alerts us to a NEW blogManga Junkie, written anonymously by a manga publishers staffer. The topic is those oddball Japanese comics that will never get licensed here, alas. Up first, Chi’s Sweet Home the story of “a little kitten who gets adopted by a family comprised of dad, mom, and a young boy […]

Manga Watch: New TV shows

Pata updates us on live-action TV shows based n popular manga: Nodame Cantabile It was never a matter of if, just a matter of when, for this adaptation of a quirky romance between music conservatory students. Juri Ueno, who’s already been a musician once in the jazz comedy Swing Girls, takes to the keys as […]

Adult Swim: WTF?!

What is the deal with Adult Swim, anyway? Sunday night’s mishmash starts with an hour of FUTURAMA/VENTURE BROTHERS, an hour of solid storytelling and resonance. The New Venture episode — “Victor. Echo. November.” — was one of the best ever, as everyone goes on a double date, a character gets a mechanical hand, The Phantom […]