Biggest comic book movie bomb of the year? ZOOM which came in at a dismal 7th place.

“Zoom” opening was one of Tim Allen’s worst, ahead of only “Joe Somebody” and “Big Trouble.” Per-play take was a dismal $1,839 at 2,50. [sic]


  1. Not really suprising. I didn’t even know it was coming out this week. I didn’t see one TV spot or billboard or hear one radio spot. I think the go-to “blame the marketing” excuse might be legit this time…

  2. I’m going to try to see ZOOM this week at a matinee. The only other films worth seeing at my theatre this week are MIAMI VICE and TALLADEGA NIGHTS. (I’ve seen the latter; will see the former.) I love movies. I’ll see anything, from MONSTER HOUSE (liked it) to THE DESCENT (which hasn’t opened here yet, unfortunately).


  3. Well, the old “blame-the-marketing” excuse here may just lead to a sort of chicken-or-egg questioning:

    Did the movie crash because the studio didn’t market it enough; or did the studio decide not to spend a lot of time & energy marketing it because they realized, well, it wasn’t all that good and would therefore tank at the box office?