200608141248Manga Blog alerts us to a NEW blogManga Junkie, written anonymously by a manga publishers staffer. The topic is those oddball Japanese comics that will never get licensed here, alas. Up first, Chi’s Sweet Home the story of “a little kitten who gets adopted by a family comprised of dad, mom, and a young boy named Yohei. The family lives in an apartment building that doesn’t allow pets, so they don’t give the kitten a name at first… but as they teach the kitten how to pee (“chii” in little kid talk), it thinks its name is Chi.” and Arakawa Under the Bridge

It’s a gag manga about a young “elite” man who has a policy of not being in debt to anyone. But he ends up owing his life to a strange girl who saves his life.

Rino, the girl, believes she’s a martian & lives under the bridge by the Arakawa river. So the young man ends up living there too.