RIP Bob Thaves

FRANK AND ERNEST‘s Bob Thaves died at age 81, according to a post at his family’s website. Our husband and father had a full and wonderful life and he loved cartooning. He introduced Frank & Ernest to us as an idea for an idea for a comic strip during a family dinner many years ago. […]

WW Chicago ’06, impressions

We’ve had a few reports from the show, most saying Friday seemed to be a manageable day, although Artist Alley was quite busy. If you read our comments section (AND YOU SHOULD!) someone reports that even Knuckles was empty, which we find very hard to believe. CBR has a photo parade, although Jonah Weiland is […]


CBR has the Scoop!: Billy Tan, Clayton Crain, Simone Bianchi, Pascal Ferry, Ariel Olivetti and Leinil Yu Interviews and more in the link. Shouldn’t this list be called YOUNG GUNS 2: INTERNATIONAL FLAVA?

WW Chicago News updates

HOLY F**K THIS IS EASY! We just sit at home and link to other people’s reports. GodDAM, why didn’t we think of this year’4, while DC “tallied” nine. ABC/Disney was the lone none DC or Marvel winner for LOST. FAVORITE PUBLISHER—Marvel Comics FAVORITE ONGOING SERIES—Astonishing X-Men (Marvel Comics) FAVORITE ONE-SHOT—Countdown to Infinite Crisis (DC Comics) […]

Otakon news

Anime News Network has DMP panel news Several titles were announced for a Spring 2007 release, including Kurashina Sensei’s Passino, La Vie en Rose, Waru, Wagamama Kitchen, Fake Fur, and Paradise on the Hill. The last title was penned by the same author who wrote Seven, which was announced earlier in the year. Digital Manga’s […]