FRANK AND ERNEST‘s Bob Thaves died at age 81, according to a post at his family’s website.

Our husband and father had a full and wonderful life and he loved cartooning. He introduced Frank & Ernest to us as an idea for an idea for a comic strip during a family dinner many years ago. Bob at a drawing board had been part of our family life before this as he had drawn magazine cartoons in addition to his work as an industrial psychologist. While other husbands and fathers golfed or gardened, ours drew. So, we welcomed Frank & Ernest from the very beginning and they have been the source of many wonderful moments for our family.

The oddball strip about two hoboes started in 1972, and has appearaed in as many as 1200 papers. Thaves won Reuben awards in 1983, 1984, and 1986. The strip will be carried on my his son, Tom, who has been working on it since 1997.

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Mark Evanier