We’ve had a few reports from the show, most saying Friday seemed to be a manageable day, although Artist Alley was quite busy. If you read our comments section (AND YOU SHOULD!) someone reports that even Knuckles was empty, which we find very hard to believe.

CBR has a photo parade, although Jonah Weiland is covering the show stay-at-home style whilst dining on ginger cookies. We liked this photo of Noel Neill, who has a dazzling smile at age 85 .


The hard-working Wizard website also has a lot of pictures. We especially liked this one of a woman working with Sculpey. Why? Because that’s how we roll.
Trs 1117
Wait, here’s one of Richard “JAWS” Kiel playfully crushing a youngster’s head. Sweet!
Trs 1094


  1. 1) The original Starbuck still looks pretty darn good in my opinion. It would be nice to see him on the new BSG also.

    2) Some of those Wizard photos are really crying out for captions. For instance, why is Rob Liefeld sitting at the feet of Peter David?

  2. Thanks for the link, Heidi… we’re running around the con like it’s San Diego all over again. I plan to add some captions to the pics once we get some breathing room here. For now, we’re just trying to post the images as quickly as they arrive. Keep an eye on the pictures page, as there’s more on the way.

    BTW, that sculptor is molding a model of Supergirl based on the costumed blonde girl seen elsewhere in the gallery. We’ll have pictures of her progress throughout the show.