Warren Ellis’ Rocket Pirates

On Bad Signal, Ellis explains his new webcomics portal: Who wants to be a Rocket Pirate? Joey Manley talked me into curating a mass webcomics site. I’ve known Joey for getting on for six years now. It’s partly my fault that he got involved with comics at all. I suspect this is his revenge. People […]

WWC: Desperado

Everyone is too braindead from SD to be putting out Wizard World Chicago PR, but a few brave souls are doing their jobs, including Desperado, which will be there with “a host of writers and artists and showcasing some of the upcoming projects.” As Official Guests of the convention: Bob Burden (Flaming Carrot) Keith Giffen […]

The internet manga story you never thought you would see!

Tokyopop launched their new manga lifestyle site during San Diego, and we haven’t really had a chance to explore it too much, but it seems to have a decent amount of content. We were plesantly shocked, however, to see that the site is covering other manga companies, including this rather decent report on “Viz at […]

Claypool thoughts

The end of Claypool as a paper publishing company drew some reaction on the web. Peter David, writer of SOULSEARCHERS & CO. Personally, I think this should send a serious chill through the industry. For the first time that I can think of, an entire publishing line has been canceled, not by the publisher, but […]

Animation shines in Hollywood’s Dark Age

In the LA Times, Patrick Goldstein covers what he calls The Dark Age: If Hollywood had a suicide prevention hotline for despondent agents, managers and producers, the switchboard would be swamped. In the last few weeks every industry insider I’ve had lunch with has been morose, sullen or depressed — one poor guy actually rushed […]

Invisible Woman deemed “plausible”

In world shaking science news, Susan Storm Richards, the Invisible Woman, is being used by scientists as a model of how invisibility might really work: …Dr Ulf Leonhardt, a theoretical physicist at St Andrews University in Scotland, believes the most plausible example is the Invisible Woman, one of the Marvel Comics super-heroes in the “Fantastic […]

Great moments in comics part XLVII

We always love Kean Soo’s photo-journalism con reports and here he captures a magic moment we like to call Understanding Tetris, as Kazu Kibuishi and Derek Kirk Kim explain to Scott McCloud how to play the game for the first time. We don’t believe it either.

Alan Moore talks in complete paragraphs

A very long, very meaty Alan Moore interview up at the Onion A.V. Club: The way that we worked on Lost Girls was actually different than the way I’ve worked on any other comic I’ve done. I’m known for turning out book-sized scripts with detailed written descriptions of each panel and all the dialogue and […]

Tokyopop editorial shuffle

We’re hearing reports on a slight editorial shake-up at Tokyopop; some editors’ titles have changed, and editor Rob Valois has left. The last part has been mentioned at at least one Tpop creator site. Valois was one of the main editors of the RISING STARS series, and responsible for much of the OEL/OGM line. The […]

Con odds and ends

Yes yes, we know this is yesterday’s news and Chicago is where it’s at now, but a few last links before we sail into the sunset. Chuck Rozanzki sends out a daily report from the show, and they’re all gathered in one place. Rozanski is a smart guy and always has interesting observations, and we’re […]