Bryan Lee O’Malley tips us off to an interview with director Edgar Wright at CHUD where he talks about the possible SCOTT PILGRIM film. Woot!

Q: That’s going to have all six volumes, right? Even the stuff he hasn’t written.

Wright: The thing is that we actually worked with Bryan. Bryan is such a nice guy. It’s an adaptation of the six books, and Bryan, JK Rowling-style, has the plotline for the six books to a certain extent, certainly in terms of the villains and stuff, which is great. We were able to pick his brains. He’s such a great guy and I’m really excited about that, because the visual aspects of that seem great. What’s great about it is that it’s got it’s feet in two camps – it’s like Daniel Clowes with manga fights. It’s amazing.

More tantalizing hints in link!


  1. I wonder whether Wright is planning one film or a series with “Scott.” I’m hoping it’s the latter. I could see two or three, at least. The books are quick reads, so you could get nearly all of two or three of them into a two-hour film.

    If this pairing comes to fruition, I will be squeeing with joy and will be the first in line at the multiplex!