Tatsumi on Spillane

Oddly enough, an LA Times profile of manga pioneer Yoshihiro Tatsumi and Adrian Tomine touches on the late Mickey Spillane’s wide-ranging influence: Tatsumi’s work, appropriately, was shaped less by other Japanese comics than by local police reports and hard-boiled American novelists. “I was very moved by his descriptions,” he says, through a translator, of the […]

RIP: Mickey Spillane

CNN is reporting that writer Mickey Spillane has died at age 88 after a long illness. Spillane’s hardboiled pulp novels, including I, The Jury sold millions of copies and influenced a generation of writers, and his tough-guy private eye Mike Hammer starred in both film and television. Early in his career, Spillane dabbled in comics […]

Kevin Smith on girl nerds

And speaking of Smithhere’s what he had to say about Rosario Dawson: Q: Rosario is kind of a sci-fi nerd, right? KS: It’s cool because a lot of people don’t know that. People said she’s so famous so why would she do my movie and I wondered the same thing and she said it was […]

Must reading: Kevin Smith

If nerd-as-underdog culture has an icon, it’s probably director Kevin Smith, a common man made good at the pinnacle of Hollywood, aka sleeing over at Skywalker Ranch, even while remaining approachable and utterly knowable. The LA Times has an in-depth, revealing profile of the director which wonders if CLERKS II will “brand him a boy […]

Dept. of Scandal II: Toronto Conventions

A bitter controversy is tearing the otherwise peace-loving city of Toronto apart, and it involves comic books. The enmity between Hobbystar, which puts on the Canadian National Expo, a large pop culture show, and Paradise Comics, which puts on the Toronto Comicon has been growing over the years, with the two shows locked in a […]

Dept. of Scandal I

A while ago we told you about budding filmmaker Matt Busch reporting on his LiveJournal about a nasty breakup with his girlfriend, actress Sarah Wilkinson, with writer Steve Niles as the third party. We’re not going to rehash all the story because it’s just ugly stuff that should have been kept private, but in the […]

Modern Tales changes business model

Over at his blog, Modern Tales founder Joey Manleytalks about major changes, including moving away from a subscription model for webcomics: As you may have heard, we’ve decided to open up the vast majority of the site to non-paying readers, and to recruit even more webcomics to join us on a free basis, while maintaining […]

Comics lexicon for a new generation

Continuing its team coverage of SDCC, the San Diego Union-Tribune offers and the most useful and yet arbitrary guide to comics term ever. Sample entries: Costumed athlete: An adventurer in sartorial splendor who has no enhanced abilities or superpowers. Cyborg: A living entity melded from human and machine. Dumb fun: A name for amusing anime […]