A while ago we told you about budding filmmaker Matt Busch reporting on his LiveJournal about a nasty breakup with his girlfriend, actress Sarah Wilkinson, with writer Steve Niles as the third party. We’re not going to rehash all the story because it’s just ugly stuff that should have been kept private, but in the interests of fairness, the other shoe has dropped, and Wilkinson tells her story.


  1. but in the interests of fairness…

    Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Is that what you call this? That’s a good one. Guess you haven’t known any of the people involved since they were 15 years old, huh?

    And a “gossip” section on a PW-sponsored blog isn’t doing anything to raise the bar on comics journalism. Of course, that’s not really your goal, now is it?

  2. And this is a good example of WHY this sort of crap should stay private: because the other party can say anything in response. And since it’s all just a big he said/she said tangle with no way to tell what the truth is, they both come off looking bad. Those Steve Nile tapes are still pretty funny, though.

  3. Low brow… just like comics books them selves.
    Is this the same woman that dated Paul Smith that is posting this stuff? I do not recall the full story but it involved bikers and Dave Sim. I love the dirt under the surface of the funnies but I find your choice of platform lacking in tact.

    This post belong in “the gutters.” NOT in Publishers Weekly.

    Keep your chin up.


  4. Funny, I seem to recall a lot more people taking Matt Busch’s side when this came out originally. But now it’s dismissed as “he said/she said”. Perhaps people should’ve taken that stance originally.

    (Not the Beat. The Beat is being fair here)

  5. let’s not pretend most of us haven’t heard about this at LYING IN THE GUTTERS or the original blogs in the first place…

    online journals have changed the way privacy is perceived. and hypocrisy can make everybody look ugly.

    so relax, folks, and let’s enjoy some more Butlercakes and Whomeverbabecake.

    the blog IS Heidi, no matter where it’s hosted, otherwise I suppose PW wouldn’t bother having you here.

  6. that’s crap.

    Heidi is being fair here.
    Is thing shit any of our business? certainly not… and neither was the Taki Soma incident… but Heidi is just presenting us with what’s been broadcast around the comics commniy already anyway…

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