New EC Comics reprints this fall

EC Crypt and Gemstone are teaming up for a new full-color reprinting of the classic in deluxe hardcovers. WE WANT OURS! Once unjustly maligned as a cause of escalating teen delinquency during the ’50s, the EC Comics line — created by publisher William Gaines and a host of some of comics’ most legendary artists — […]

Woo and Ennis team, blood to flow

Virgin Comics released the official PR on their upcoming John Woo/Garth Ennis collaboration, SEVEN BROTHERS. Yoshitaka Amano will paint the covers. Details and PR: Newly formed Virgin Comics is collaborating with Tiger Hill Entertainment, film-maker John Woo and partner Terence Chang’s creative shingle, along with best-selling comic book writer, Garth Ennis to create Seven Brothers. […]

To do tonight, 7/13 Minneapolis: McCloud lecture

Scott McCloud delivers a free lecture at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) tonight: Scott McCloud lecture When: July 13, 7 p.m.Where: Auditorium 150Cost: Free Scott McCloud’s 1993 book, Understanding Comics, has become a standard reference for comics artists and a frequently cited inspiration for creators in other fields, such as Will Wright […]

Vancouver cartoonists in the news

The Vancouver Westender looks at the local underground scene, including Drippytown, with an art exhibit, and a cover feature. Hey Folks, Guess What? Comics Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore!â€? screams the title of an edition of Vancouver artist Robin Konstabaris’s comic strip, Clip’n’Save. “…Now they’re also for adults with childlike mentalities and adolescent male power […]

San diego hook-up board redux

Everyone has been asking me for the link of that San Diego help hook up board posted by Glenn Barbis. Well here it is. Not much activity, but it’s a start.

The New World Order

Speaking of Hill & Wang, the Book Standard had a probably the most important story about comics you’ll read this week, as the impact of the book world entering comics begins to be examined. Although the companies are focused on their own upcoming books and new online and DVD projects, the motivation is simple: As […]

Novel Graphics looks at Hoover, Beats, Genetics

ICv2 has the skinny on the latest from Hill & Wang’s Novel Graphics line of non-fiction graphic novels, whew, including, two projects from Harvey Pekar and, most thrillingly, a biography of J. Edgar Hoover by Andy Helfer and Rick Geary.: The titles include a history of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) written by […]

Japanese manga nostalgia boom grows

Comi Press links to a Japanese news story talking about how classic manga of the past are being reprinted; despite the huge popularity of manga in Japan, it seems they are not even as good as the US at keeping classics in print: The Yomiuri Shinbun has an article examining the growing popularity in Japan […]

Japanese coloring boom grows

Japanese seniors trying to stay mentally active, and even middle aged folks just looking for a little peace and quiet have made coloring inside the lines the newest fad in Japan, Mainichi Daily News reports. Now special “Let’s Begin Coloring” pencils which can be used for watercolor while remaining erasable are being introduced to help […]

News: Virgin and Panini pact

Virgin Comics continues its generally sound expansion plans with a licensing deal for European distribution via Panini. The Panini Group is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with Virgin Comics L.L.C., to become its long term master licensee for comic books, comic magazines, trade paperbacks and graphic novels, in Europe (UK and […]

Covers an evolutionary dead end?

Twas Graeme who once again alerted us to this fascinating post about covers by Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort, in which he explains that, as the Rock might have put it, It Doesn’t Matter. There was a time not so long ago when it was Marvel policy that every cover should have a single iconic figure, […]

SDCC: Chuck D in the house

You thought we were going to say hizzouse, didn’t you? According to American Mule Entertainment Chuck D will be at this year’s San Diego to promote the new PUBLIC ENEMY comic. Chuck joins Snoop and RZA on the list of rappers making that comics connection — how low can you go? MEET CHUCK D at […]

Linkie winkins

A new 300 video journal is up at Movefone! In this one, Lena Headey explains what it was like to be constantly surrounded on the set by muscular men in leather boxer-briefs. Poor poppet. Ragnell analyses what a “more dynamic” pose means for a superheroine. Found in comments: “Clearly, “dynamic” in this case is a […]

MangaNEXT is coming

Love Manga alerts us to MangaNEXT, billed as the first Manga Convention in the US: Universal Animation, Inc is pleased to announce the formation of MangaNEXT, the first convention in the United States to focus on the explosion of “manga cultureâ€? in America. MangaNEXT will be held Friday October 6, 2006 through Sunday October 8, […]

Mark Millar, drunk on the tube

Oh that Mark Millar. When he’s not very ill and in hospital, he’s preparing for a TV appearance as any sane pundit would — by drinking heavily. It all started out on Millarworld with the announcement he was going to be on the RICHARD AND JUDY show, which is apparently some kind of Brit chat […]

Funny potty tiger toon

As we stagger towards next week’s Rendezvous with Rama, can you really judge us for being amused by adorable Japanese potty training toons, especially those that feature singing tigers? I mean, come on, we’re only human. Can any of our Japanese speakers constituents translate the wee tiger’s alarmed cry that sounds like “Hazu mazu! Hahu […]