You thought we were going to say hizzouse, didn’t you? According to American Mule Entertainment Chuck D will be at this year’s San Diego to promote the new PUBLIC ENEMY comic. Chuck joins Snoop and RZA on the list of rappers making that comics connection — how low can you go?

MEET CHUCK D at the SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON: JULY 22nd at the AMERICAN MULE ENTERTAINMENT booth! Get copies of issue 0 and issue 1 autographed!
PUBLIC ENEMY #1 in stores July! Order your copies from DIAMOND COMIC BOOK DISTRIBUTORS. The official PUBLIC ENEMY series features Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff and the unstoppable S1W’s.


  1. And yet, no Terminator X. Curious.

    Ace, you wouldn’t say “hizzouse” when referencing Mistachuck; that vocal tick was a Left Coast symptom.

  2. Chuck D is still one of the coolest men alive. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him once before, and he’s just as impressive in person as he is on record or on TV.