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EC Crypt and Gemstone are teaming up for a new full-color reprinting of the classic in deluxe hardcovers. WE WANT OURS!

Once unjustly maligned as a cause of escalating teen delinquency during the ’50s, the EC Comics line — created by publisher William Gaines and a host of some of comics’ most legendary artists — is now considered by scholars, fans, and collectors alike as a milestone achievement in graphic storytelling, years ahead of its time. These comics entertained millions during their all-too-short runs and influenced some of our generation’s most talented writers, filmmakers, and artists. They have inspired cartoons, movies, TV series, and countless parodies and tributes, and now these classics of the 20th century are set to return, presented in a stunning new format for the 21st century!

EC Crypt and Gemstone Publishing are proud to present the first volume in The EC Archives, launching in October 2006 with Weird Science Volume One! Previous collected editions of the classic EC Comics line reproduced the stories in black-and-white which, although showcasing the beautiful line art rendered by such EC greats as Graham “Ghastlyâ€? Ingels and Wally Wood, did not preserve the wonderful coloring expertly applied by EC and Marvel Comics veteran, Marie Severin. The EC Archives editions will present these stories with all-new colors based on the originals, but utilizing new methods of shading and texture to enhance and improve each story’s impact. The reproduction of these volumes will be the best ever presented, as each of The EC Archives will be shot directly from the original EC art!

Weird Science Volume One kicks off the series in October with a 212-page hardcover volume collecting the first six issues of the legendary Sci-Fi comics series! Included are stories by Al Feldstein, William Gaines and more, with art by legendary illustrators Wally Wood, Harvey Kurtzman, Joe Orlando, Jack Kamen, Al Feldstein and others. Each volume will also include all of the original EC advertisements, editorial pieces, and even letters pages, to give readers a true idea what made EC one of the most influential comic book lines ever created.

“The EC Comics line was a classic in its day, “said Publisher Russ Cochran. “It is still popular with collectors and has been an influence on everyone from comic creators to filmmakers in Hollywood.â€?

One filmmaker in particular who holds the EC Comics line in high regard is legendary Star Wars creator, George Lucas, who provides a nostalgic foreword for this first volume. One can assume that comics such as Weird Science helped to expand the imagination of a young George Lucas, steering him towards an eventual journey to A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

And Lucas isn’t alone in his appreciation for the EC Comics line. His own friend and frequent collaborator, Steven Spielberg, provides the foreword for the second volume in the series, Shock SuspenStories Volume One, which will be released in November 2006. Thereafter, fans and collectors can expect additional volumes such as Tales from the Crypt Volume One in December 2006, Two-Fisted Tales Volume One in January 2007, and additional volumes to follow throughout 2007!

All volumes are priced at $49.95 and will be available at bookstores and comic book specialty stores.


  1. If their modern coloring “shading and texture” is anything thing like the horrible job they did on the recent Carl Barks Ducktales volumes then it’s better to avoid these. In the Barks book nearly every panel has annoying computerized color gradations.

  2. I dont’ know where else to say this but “The Beat” website is all screwy for me. I’m running windows xp and using the newest version of internet explorer. Everythign is all out of wack and the only post I can see in the blog is the first one.

  3. I agree on them being too expensive…and the sales will probably be low since they have been reprinted over the last 20 years in Box Sets, individual issues and collections of those individual issues. Most of the people who would be the target market for these books already have them, and the casual reader won’t pay $50 a pop for them, especially since the early volumes aren’t as good as the middle books will be.

  4. I’d love to sample some of that work, but the $50 price point (for 6 issues!) will drive me away, too. Even with an Amazon discount, I just can’t justify it right now.

    To Derik’s comments on the DuckTales books: I think part of the problem is that the book was printed on lesser paper than the WDC&S and UNCLE SCROOGE monthlies are, so the color gradients don’t work quite as well. I imagine it was done that way to keep the price down. I still thought it looked good, but to each his own.

  5. Have to agree with Mr Hibbs – i’d have no problem spending up to $25.00/month for a quality reprint book, but $50.00/month is not going to happen.

  6. I’ve got the B&W versions from years ago and was excited to hear that they were putting these out in color with the original ads and letters pages… until that bit about new “shading and texture” which kills the deal for me. If Maries colors were faithfully reproduced i’d gladly pay the $50 per volume, heck, i’d pay up to twice that if all aspects of these were faithfull to the original printed versions. I’ve no interest in “improved” “21st century” versions even if the price were half of what is announced.