That darn con!

As one pal of ours moaned the other day “This is the worst week of the year.” Indeed it is…as endless last-minute details render everyone harried, sweaty and/or catatonic. How we envy you folks who are looking forward to going to the show just to have FUN. We’ll have you know that this FUN is […]

SDCC: Big and Gay!

How gay is San Diego? Very very gay! Hooray! There’s programming every day, and a host of social activities, including the annual Big Gay Dinner, hosted by Aman Chaudhary. Chris Butcher has a COMPLETE LGBT line-up at his blog. Go there for the full list, but we’ll just steal his Prism Comics booth listing: Prism […]

SDCC: Shocker Toys

Shocker Toys will be at SD in force, debuting their Indie Spotlight line of toys. The first wave includes WItchblade, Madman, Shadowhawk and Judge Death. Hm. methinks we wants our Madman toys. They’ll also be GIVING away exclusive toys each day, includind exclusive Gwar and Toxic Avengers toys. See details in the jump. So you […]

SDCC: Who’s Who at the DC booth

As always, DC’s star-studded booth will be a nexus of comics activities at San Diego, as a battalion of freelancers, editors and execs make the scene Beginning the evening of Wednesday, July 19, DC Comics staff and freelance talent will be on the West Coast for Comic-Con International: San Diego 2006! As always, DC will […]

SDCC: Impact Books

How-to books, the Impact University panel, portfolio reviews and signings by Peted Davd, Matt Haley and Jessica “NeonDragon” Peffer highlight this booth. Impact Books, the how-to write and draw comics, graphic novels, manga and fantasy art imprint of F+W Publications, Inc., will once again participate at Comic-Con International in San Diego, July 19-23, with author […]

SDCC: DC and Marvel face off on diamond for ACTOR

An old tradition returns at this year’s San Diego: the inter-company softball game! The game takes place Thursday! DC Comics and Marvel Comics are taking their long-standing friendly rivalry to the most honorable of all battlefields—the softball diamond! The two comic juggernauts will face off against each other in a charity softball game at Comic-Con […]

PIRATES booty can’t save Disney jobs

Even as it rakes in the doubloons from the record opening of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST Disney is planning major cutbacks following such flops as Stick It, Annapolis, Stay Alive and especially The Wild, an animated film about some wacky animals we didn’t even remember opening. Even as it basks in the […]

TINTIN AND I reviewed

We had the chance to watch this documentary last night, and it was utterly fascinating stuff, featuring much audio footage of George Remi aka Hergé talking about his life. The documentary was based on 14 hours of tapes recorded by young journalist Numa Sadoul in 1971. Hergé was legendarily reclusive, and the chance to hear […]

Adams, Sienkiewicz team with Waters

While the world mourned eccentric former Pink Floyd frontman Syd Barrett yesterday, we’re reminded that another former Floyder, Roger Waters, is out on tour, and he’s tapped a couple of comickers to help him out. As mentioned by Neal Adams on his blog, he and Bill Sienkiewicz have teamed to create a comic book style […]