As one pal of ours moaned the other day “This is the worst week of the year.” Indeed it is…as endless last-minute details render everyone harried, sweaty and/or catatonic. How we envy you folks who are looking forward to going to the show just to have FUN. We’ll have you know that this FUN is purchased at the expense of the nervous systems of PR, Marketing and Event Planning folk everywhere. The amount of collective planning, coordinating and laundry the comics industry is doing right now is astronomical. And we still haven’t gotten our watch band fixed yet.

Speaking of activities, we’ve noticed a drastic increase in the number of social events taking place on Thursday this year — we’re up to seven and counting. Friday is, of course, the Eisners’ night, and counter-partying is frowned upon. However whatever happened to good old Saturday? We’re told that since PetCo park opened a few years ago, booking venues on a Saturday night has become prohibitively expensive. This hasn’t stopped some deep pockets Hollywood outfits from planning events, though. Or, alternatively, you can go to the Indie Beach Party and huddle around a driftwood fire like a hobo while drinking Thunderbird from a Mason jar.


  1. Tell me about it! Damn near EVERYTHING is happening on Thursday – I’m going to be party hopping all night!

    And wasn’t the Marvel party on the Fridnay night after the Eisners last year though…? Some post Eisner bashes might be an idea guys…