Ennis: No Preacher TV show

Seeing as how we were responsible for getting a new round of “Preacher is an HBO miniseries” rumors going, we decided we would go straight to the horses mouth and get the skinny from writer Garth Ennis who says: NO GO. Those brother’s cousin stories have been refuted by “sources” at other places, but this […]

PaperRad: Good enough for the Tate but not Diamond

As we’ve often mentioned here, as monopolies go, Diamond is one of the most benevolent ones out there. We often hear general kvetching about Diamond, but also admissions that they have gone out of their way on many occasions to help out publishers and cartoonists. Thus we present the following story not as a scathing […]

SDCC: Help wanted, rooms wanted

Over here at SBM we look at the daily Comic-con countdown at Sky McCloud’s LJ and despair. Time is short. Is there any general clearinghouse of room-swapping, help wanted and so on out there? If no one has set this up yet, someone is missing a bet! Anway, we know Claypool Comics need booth help, […]


Answer: Superman is Jesus. The rest of my comments are going to be spoilerish, so you might want to avoid the jump if you’re sensitive.

Ted Rall joins United Media

E&P has the story of Ted Rall joining United Media in a new position set up to acquire and develops new and emerging cartoonists. It could not immediately be determined whether Rall will be a staffer or consultant for United, because he and UM Senior Vice President/General Manager Lisa Klem Wilson were unavailable for comment […]