Over here at SBM we look at the daily Comic-con countdown at Sky McCloud’s LJ and despair. Time is short. Is there any general clearinghouse of room-swapping, help wanted and so on out there? If no one has set this up yet, someone is missing a bet! Anway, we know Claypool Comics need booth help, as does NBM. Marketing Mnager Tony Shelton writes:

At this time of the year, however, I am primarily bedeviled by an NBM problem: staffing the NBM booth at the SD Con. It’s not easy to come across country and find qualified booth help. Heck, it’s not easy to find UNqualified booth help. It’s best, of course, to find customer care workers who know a little about NBM books, and know how to provide fast, efficient sales help. Register experience is a plus. Actually having a talent for hand-selling is cool, too.

We will provide a badge (ATTEND THE CON FOR FREE!) and an hourly wage (or, if you are a retailer, we can credit your store’s account.)

What we can’t do: pay for your travel, parking, or lodging. The wage may end up compensating for your meals, plus a bit more depending on how many hours you can give us.

Please contact me as soon as possible. Tension’s mounting. I can fill part-time or full-time slots. At this point, full-time is preferred. We will be setting up later Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, and will need help packing up Sunday once the show is over.

You can reach me at email at [email protected].

If anyone else has help wanted listings, send ’em to us and we’ll get ’em posted. While going to the big show with nothing to do might sound like fun, think how much funner it would be to be a PART of things! Seriously.

We also know of lots of folks looking for roommates or rooms. We don’t have time to play matchmaker, but are happy to point peeps in the right direction.