Superman Returns returns – UPDATES

We went to a screening of SUPERMAN RETURNS courtesy of Shelton Drum last night, and had a great time discussing it afterwards on the van ride back to the hotel with Mike Oeming, Colleen Doran, Craig Hamilton, Neil Volkes and Steve and Dana Saffel. If that isn’t a wide ranging panel, we don’t know what […]

James Cameron talks BATTLE ANGEL

MTV caught up with James Cameron at the PIRATES 2 premiere; the reclusive helmer hasn’t made a film in NINE years, but he seems to be ramping up for two including the manga adaptation BATTLE ANGEL: The first of these films is a long-rumored love story to be set against the backdrop of a planet-hopping […]

Anime Expo this weekend

It’s the biggest anime/manga fest of the year, highlighted by the epochal appearance of CLAMP! Pata has an entertaining run down of panels 1:00-2:00 pm CLAMP Panel Seating. Yes, the pre-event seating counts as something major, because I would like to see this just for the catfighting that will inevitably ensue. A cosplay Kamui will […]

ALA in perspective

Robin Brenner, Creator & Editor in Chief of, wrote to give us some much needed background on the graphic novel panel at the recent ALA show which Neil Gaiman reported on and we quoted: First, just to say, we were all thrilled that Neil Gaiman took the time to attend our panel. Both the […]

Hollywood sure is swell!

The New York Times looks at the “Slick. Young. Hip. Powerful.” world of studio execs, a lizardlike world where face and ritual rule and knowledge is powerless and truth is a rumor. This generation of players may be slick, hip and powerful, but they still like their comic books, as we witness the primal scene: […]

Ennis: No Preacher TV show

Seeing as how we were responsible for getting a new round of “Preacher is an HBO miniseries” rumors going, we decided we would go straight to the horses mouth and get the skinny from writer Garth Ennis who says: NO GO. Those brother’s cousin stories have been refuted by “sources” at other places, but this […]

PaperRad: Good enough for the Tate but not Diamond

As we’ve often mentioned here, as monopolies go, Diamond is one of the most benevolent ones out there. We often hear general kvetching about Diamond, but also admissions that they have gone out of their way on many occasions to help out publishers and cartoonists. Thus we present the following story not as a scathing […]

SDCC: Help wanted, rooms wanted

Over here at SBM we look at the daily Comic-con countdown at Sky McCloud’s LJ and despair. Time is short. Is there any general clearinghouse of room-swapping, help wanted and so on out there? If no one has set this up yet, someone is missing a bet! Anway, we know Claypool Comics need booth help, […]


Answer: Superman is Jesus. The rest of my comments are going to be spoilerish, so you might want to avoid the jump if you’re sensitive.