It’s the biggest anime/manga fest of the year, highlighted by the epochal appearance of CLAMP! Pata has an entertaining run down of panels

1:00-2:00 pm CLAMP Panel Seating. Yes, the pre-event seating counts as something major, because I would like to see this just for the catfighting that will inevitably ensue. A cosplay Kamui will battle a cosplay Fuuma for front row, several Chis will go flying, and I hope that anyone dressed as Sakura has a sturdy staff, because it might come in handy.

2:00-5:00 pm CLAMP Focus Panel The only focus panel to be held in the Main Events ballroom (~4500 seats) because it will attract THAT many people. I feel sorry for anyone else hosting a panel against this time: J-rocker Mana, Broccoli Intl., Bang Zoom, the Robotech people … well, I’m sure that they’ll get their fair share of congoers who feel that battling for CLAMP isn’t worth it.