100 Bullets headed to small screen with Goyer


David Goyer, co-creator of Flash Forward and the regular story collaborator with Chris Nolan on DARK KNGHT and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is looking to produce 100 BULLETS as a TV series for Showtime.

The acclaimed Vertigo series by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso won numerous awards and established itself as a comics classic with the set-up of morality tales surrounding an overall conspiracy, following Agent Graves, a man who offered people who had been wronged the chance to set things right with 100 untraceable bullets. It was adapted for a video game which never came out due to Acclaim’s bankruptcy and has been on a short list of comics that would make great TV shows for a while now. With his Hollywood clout and track record, Goyer would seem to be an ideal person to bring it to the small screen.



  1. pulphope says:

    Great news– and its about bloody time– congratulations to Azz, Risso, Dennis, Trish, and all involved. One of the best series of the past 15 years.

  2. Apollokid9000 says:

    Nice to see this going foward. DC/ WB should look at more of their non Big 2 cape stories for possible tv shows.
    They have a vast enough stable of stories. Perhaps some would make better tv shows than full length films, with tv giving the story time to develop and a wide audience a chance to catch on. Hope it’s a success.

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