Bayou Promo Lr-733471
The Wired blog reports that the first two printed collections of Zuda webcomics have been scheduled.

The first plucky artist to get lucky is Jeremy Love, whose magically realistic Bayou (pictured), will be released in wide format as Zuda’s first print edition in June 2009. Bayou, which tackles racism and violence in 1930s Mississippi, is as hypnotic as it is unsettling.

That will be followed in October 2009 by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis’ High Moon, a Civil War-themed fever dream about werewolves, which is slated to become Zuda’s sophomore crossover.

Although the printed versions are a ways off, it’s good to see Zuda and DC jumping onto the popular web-to-print monetization scheme. Maybe this whole crazy thing is gonna work out after all.