Zotcover250PW reports the joyous news that ZOT will be reprinted by Harper Collins:

Acclaimed comics artist and theoretician Scott McCloud will see his classic comics series, Zot!, republished by HarperCollins as an original trade paperback edition in July 2008. One of McCloud’s earliest extended works of fiction, Zot! is a seminal work that reflects the influence of both manga and the emerging alternative comics scene on McCloud’s comics. The book was also instrumental to the creation of Understanding Comics, his groundbreaking theoretical work on the comics medium. The HC book deal was negotiated by the Judith Hansen Literary Agency.

The first 10 issues, which Eclipse printed in full color, will not be reprinted in this volume.


  1. Oh man thank you PW…Glad Scott waited for the big boys to come and get him as ZOT! deserves as much mass market attention as possible.

    Where do I pre-order? See you at San Diego for sure.

    After this hits I am 95% sure there will be a Zot movie deal – especially if the live-action Speed Racer does well…

    Zac Effron is ZOT! As long as he doesn’t sing.

  2. This should make Scott’s mother very happy! She lives up the hall from my mother-in-law, in a greater Boston retirement community. She’s a great lady. The last time we crossed paths, she asked me who the gentleman was that Scott admired so much, who had passed away recently. She couldn’t remember his name at that moment. “Will Eisner,” I said. “Oh, yes! That’s it.”

  3. This has made my day. I’ve been looking for Zot reprints/issues for two years. Apparently, no one wants to sell theirs! :-)

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