200608221043Tim Allen’s film ZOOM is challenging ELEKTRA and CATWOMAN as the worst comic book movie in history, and those are some big spandex tights to fill.
Cinematical reveals that ZOOM has achieved the extremely rare feat of rating 0% Positive at Rotten Tomatoes.

And now … drum roll please … we are thrilled to announce the eighth arrival in the Rotten Tomatoes 0% Hall of Mega-Shame! Starring Tim Allen (of The Shaggy Dog (27%), Joe Somebody (14%), Jungle 2 Jungle (10%), Christmas with the Kranks (4%) shame), and directed by Peter Hewitt (of Garfield: The Movie (13%)) is Zoom, recipient of 39 reviews — all nasty. Congrats to all of those who worked extra hard on turning Jason Lethcoe’s comic book series into one of the very worst movies of a very bad movie year.

For instance, Ty Burr at the Boston Globe called it “Shabbily filmed and resolutely unfunny.” SHABBY! Jeannet Catsoulis at the NYT panned “Too infantile for tweens and too stagnant for tots, Zoom bleeds boredom from every frame.” STAGNANT! Truly we are raiding this page for future insults for all occasions.


  1. This is such a shame, Jason Lethcoe’s book was a fine, all ages book in the mold of Herobear and this is going to be an anchor round Jason’s neck if he hoped to do anything further with the book. Catwoman can survive the stigma with DC’s backing, decent market penetration and, most importantly some fairly decent genre stories, Zoom’s Academy on the other hand has little existing material, zero recognition factor as a comic to 99.99999% of the planet and no back up from a large conglomerate, any attempt to return it to the book or comic market is now doomed to this failure because, except to a handful of people, print versions will now always be cash in’s on a lousy movie rather than the real thing. Hollywood is such a two edged sword. I hope Mr Lethcoe got lots of money for essentially killing this one of his artistic babies.

  2. I saw Zoom and while I liked most of it, I think it could have been better. What killed the movie was the editing. It’s seems like it started out as a good movie, the movie execs wanted a short, more kid friendly flick, and hacked it to pieces. When one of the biggest plot points is a countdown to when a bad guy returns and you edit it so much that it goes from one day left to two days left, that is sloppy editing.

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