Zestworld and a few of its creators have teamed up for an exclusive merch and commission offering for the upcoming C2E2 event from March 31 through April 2. The creator-first digital comics platform is helping its creators in Artist Alley expand their online following through an innovative giveaway and pre-show commission ordering and pick-up system.

The set of creators involved includes Liana Kangas, Kat Calamia & Phil Falco, and Sean Von Gorman, who will all be stationed together at their Zestworld-sponsored tables (Tables W-08, W-09, W-10).

Fans who visit each artist and sign up as free subscribers to their Zestworld profiles will receive a pin, while supplies last. Fans can receive the fourth and final connecting pin from Von Gorman by showing proof of their subscriptions to all three profiles. Only 100 pins of each design are available and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to those who complete the free subscription requirement.


Calamia and Falco will be selling a C2E2-exclusive enamel pin featuring a design by artist Yonson Carbonell at their table, which will feature chibi versions of the characters from a Zestworld-exclusive chapter of their popular webcomic series Slice of Life.


Kangas and Von Gorman will utilize Zestworld’s commissions management tool to accept requests and payment for pre-show commissions from fans who plan to attend the show. Fans can request and pay for the artwork in advance through this tool and pick up the finished artwork at the show.


Check out the details below:

Liana Kangas’ Pre-Show Commissions

Sean Von Gorman’s Pre-Show Commissions

Locations for the Zestworld creators in C2E2’s Artist Alley are listed below.

The Beat chatted with these creators to learn even more about the upcoming event.

Deanna Destito: How has it been working with Zestworld?

Kat Calamia: A dream team! It’s been a pleasure working with a company that pushes our products as much as Zestworld pushes Slice of Life. We’re in constant contact, creating innovative ways to get more people into the comic book hobby.  

Sean Von Gorman: It’s very rare when any sort of entity asks the question “How can we support you as a creator” and then listen to your input and then do exactly that.

The care and consideration Zestworld is putting into their offerings are both inspired as well as inspiring.

Calamia: Zestworld truly cares about the creators on their platform and has been a vital part at creating a splashy C2E2 experience, which includes an exclusive Slice of Life pin and a collect them all Zestworld enamel pins. 

Von Gorman: The buildable pin was a fun collaboration. I can’t wait to see them and share them at the show. Liana, Kat & Phil, and I will each have a different one at our tables, which we think is a fun way to be “forced” to become “friends” with all of us as a complete set.

Liana Kangas: Incredibly fun! The best part is their active outreach to us as creators. They not only have listened to our needs and are adjusting their direct approach to our individual needs, but they also connect us with each other as creators to learn, grow, and engage with the platform in many ways. It’s the first platform I’ve worked with that actively contacts me to work on promoting in-person or online events like open commission lists, reader engagement, etc. I had nothing but wonderful things to say about them!

Destito: What should fans know about joining the platform?

Von Gorman: Think of it as a Digital Convention Booth. You can read new exclusive content, order commissions, and stay updated with direct updates from creators.

The team at Zestworld has been tirelessly developing an intuitive platform that connects fans to creators in inventive ways. A big part of this has been in how they have been working with creators directly to help shape a product that meets their needs.

Kangas: Not much beyond — why haven’t you signed up yet?! It’s like getting key updates from your favorite creators, including commission drops, newsletters, free-to-read comics, and all of it delivered straight to your inbox! You can even support your favorite creators monetarily monthly or by getting art. What more is there to convince ya!?

Von Gorman: That is not a rhetorical question, we will be actively monitoring comments below.

We are very excited by the work they have done rolling out the platform, and even more so for the next phase they are working on unveiling in the near future. With the ever-changing landscape of how creators are compensated through a digital platform, this has immense potential for creators looking to share their stories directly to readers. 

Destito: Why is this show a good way for fans and creators to connect and how does this comic platform tie into that?

Von Gorman:  There is nothing more powerful than a face-to-face connection with a live human person. Zestworld is trying to capture that vibe. It’s our hope we can hit it off with some new friends IRL and then continue that relationship with the help of modern science.

Phil Falco: C2E2 is one of our absolute favorite shows. It has such a wonderfully creator-oriented vibe and attracts attendees from all over the country (and even the world). The fans we’ve met and made at C2E2 are some of our most vocal and loyal.

Kangas: For me personally, Ron [Cacace] and I discussed working with Zestworld just as a commissions platform since I am currently not repped by an art dealer. It allows me to seamlessly work directly with folks to commission me, but also gives me a newsletter platform, and a spot to showcase comics online in the future to engage with my community outside of comic shops. Working with him, Charles [Mbaruguru], and other folks at Zestworld allowed me to connect with Sean, Kat, and Phil and even allowed us to group up at c2e2 this year to create an experience for new fans and community to read each other’s work while having the support of our peers in person.

Falco: Zestworld, being the creator-friendly platform that it is, fits into our C2E2 plans perfectly. They’ve been so helpful in connecting us with other attending creators who publish on the platform and have been so hands-on in the development of C2E2-exclusive merch! They’ve somehow managed to make an already-amazing show even more exciting!

Von Gorman: This will be my first time at C2E2, I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. I am grateful for the assistance Zestworld has provided to help get us there. I’m also tremendously excited to be entrenched with these fine creatives for an entire weekend!

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