Reports that Robert Zemeckis and his crew have signed a deal at Disney :

The company will create films using the performance capture technology that digitally records actors’ movements and feeds them into a computer that Zemeckis has been perfecting with such films as “Polar Express,” which he directed, “Monster House,” which he exec produced, and the upcoming “Beowulf,” which he also is directing.

Zemeckis, Rapke and Starkey will produce all of the films with Zemeckis expected to direct a number of the projects. Disney will distribute and market the motion pictures worldwide.

Cook said, “The creation of this new company is yet another step in our leadership role in cutting edge technology as it relates to the movie industry. Bob is an amazing director who continues to push the envelope in creating the best in cinematic experiences.”

Zemeckis added, “Jack, Steve and I are looking forward with great excitement to be working with Dick Cook and his team. In addition to being an enthusiastic champion of 3D movies, the Walt Disney Studios is committed to the advancement of digital cinema in all areas including performance capture.”

Okay that plus this might equal ZEMECKIS-DIRECTED MOCAP JOHN CARTER MOVIE. Think about it.