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Zatanna Steals the Show in DC SUPER HERO GIRLS


As fans eagerly wait until DC Super Hero Girls debuts on Cartoon Network, yet another new character has been released showcasing Zatanna and giving us an early glimpse with new footage.

Though it has yet to be officially confirmed, many have recognized acclaimed voice actress Kari Wahlgren as the character. Not to toot my own horn but I was one of the first who was able to identify Wahlgren from the brief test footage shown at SDCC. Wahlgren already has experience having already voiced Zatanna in the Justice League Heroes video game. The look of this iteration of Zatanna is definitely taking cues from her classic Justice League outfit.

Justice League Heroes
Zatanna Justice League of America Costume














UPDATE: Voice actress Kari Wahlgren has confirmed via Twitter that she is indeed voicing Zatanna


  1. At the risk of being that guy, I gotta nitpick–

    Zatanna debuted the costume on the right (the one captioned “Zatanna 70s Justice League of America Costume”) in 1981’s Justice League of America #187. It’s very much more an 80s look than a 70s one, really… :)

    Her 1970s JLA costume was a bodysuit-and-high-ponytail costume from when she formally joined the JLA in 1978’s JLA #161. (Before formally joining in that issue, she was an infrequently appearing JLA reserve member with her fishnets-and-tuxedo-and-top-hat costume, like the image on the left, which is the costume she always comes back to for some reason…)

  2. Looks like the person behind this Zatanna costume history post needs to correct some info then :)

    Inaccurate information on the internet? That never happens :)

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