By Erica Friedman

Kodansha Comics, the US-based arm of Japanese publisher Kodansha, is beginning their foray into the worlds of Boy’s Love and Yuri Comics with a trio of hard-working series.

10 DANCE Volume 1
By Inouesatoh

Shinya Sugiki and Shinya Suzuki, are well-matched rivals in competitive dancing. They each have areas of expertise and they each want to win the 10-Dance Competition…which means they’ll need to learn the other’s specialty dances. Reluctant partnership starts to become something more.


Hitorijime My Hero Volume 1
By Memeco Arii

Masahiro Setagawa find himself used by a local gang of small-time street bullies but when high school teacher Kousuke Ohshiba comes to his rescue, he starts to believe that heroes might exist after all!


Yuri Is My Job! Volume 1
By Miman

On the outside, Hime is angelic and kind and everyone loves her, but inside, she’s a gold-digger-in training and cares more about looking kind than being kind. When she accidentally causes an injury she finds herself making amends by working a concept café with a Yuri theme, and ends up being the darling of the Yuri-loving clientèle. Vows on rosaries and German café treats galore in this comedy based on classic Yuri tropes.

Kodansha Comics introduces these three titles and has an interview with Kanako Umezawa, the editor-in-chief of Comic Yuri Hime, Japans’ only monthly Yuri manga magazine on their website.