You’ve been thinking about this ever since last year when Melissa Benoist was cast as Supergirl.  You started salivating over the possibility when CBS announced Supergirl would cross over with CW’s The Flash because Benoist would be united with her Glee co-star Grant Gustin.  You cried when the most important event didn’t happen.

“Now dry your eyes and let’s go home.”

Today, during the TCA Summer Press Tour, Greg Berlanti revealed that Supergirl, now on the CW, would cross over with The Flash again in the upcoming 2016-2017 television season.  Blessedly, this year’s crossover will be two episodes!  More importantly, this time, both of those episodes will be musicals.

Berlanti mentioned that the crossover event would occur during the back half of the season with most of the songs performed being licensed ones.  However, he also noted that there might be a shot at including an original composition as well.

“Some of you may know my own personal love of musicals and actors who have been in them, and we have a number of people who can sing across all the shows who will be making some very exciting appearances in the back half of the year,” said Berlanti.  “We’ve toyed with who potentially the villain could kind of be. My sense is we’ll be very careful about how it is they kind of break into song and there will probably be an element of being in some character’s head at the time.”

Berlanti noted you can tweet at him with song requests.  Get at ‘im!


  1. Is it wrong to want a live-action Music Meister episode?

    (ok, yes, it probably is)

    Seriously, though, this sounds like fun. There’s a ton of musical talent in the Flash cast especially.

  2. It would be fun to see the musical numbers backed up by The Fiddler (violin), Pied Piper (jazz flute) and Gorilla Grodd on bongos (because who wouldn’t want to see an ape playing bongos?)

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