No real time for links today but today’s comics loving New York Times has a big story about what we’ve been telling you for years: COMICS ARE WHERE IT’S AT!

Twenty-five years ago, a lot of creative downtown types looking for alternative credentials and low overhead costs became performance artists, setting up shop in cheap lofts in all-but-deserted neighborhoods (making a performance of one’s own sleep deprivation — also low-cost).

The 2008 version of that same crowd seems to be leaning toward an art that runs even less costly than any kind of theater, relying on only paper and a pen. When she’s not pulling espresso shots behind the counter of some Carroll Gardens cafe, that 24-year-old barista with the tasteful nose pierce is probably holed up at home working on her latest graphic novel, an art form that’s currently exploding, any enthusiast will tell you, and nowhere more than in New York.

The next paragraph quotes some foolish blogger, but at least we can tell our mother we finally got our name in the New York Times! Our job is done!


  1. I hate to throw cold water on the festivities … BUT … the article was a little too “Gosh, gee whiz!” for my taste. The reporter has a breathless, panting tone to the piece. “Oh, boy, I get to write about comics instead of having to do a REAL news story!”

  2. The author’s name is Susan Dominus. Sounds like a great super villain name.

    Heidi, if your mom will be proud of you for getting in the NYT, what about Birthday Girl Grandma?