I want one!

For the crafty, details on how to make your own here:

If anyone makes one, let me know. I would like to know what it is like to “wield” something.


  1. DC Comics? Remember those cool twinkling Wonder Woman tiaras you handed out last year?

    These are much cheaper. Hand out one style at each con you visit during the year. (Of course, the orange ring will be of an extremely limited supply.)

    Also… those cool superhero capes available at Six Flags, $10 for the LED versions? Why not make something similar for Green Lantern t-shirts?

  2. Do any GLs actually wear their ring on their ring finger? Seems like the middle finger is more frequently, um, wielded.

  3. I found this two years ago I was a GL for Halloween. It required much more time, effort and money than I had. So I took a promo GL ring I already had and wore it over my glove and taped a green led flashlight into the palm of my glove. It worked well and looked great in photos when I angled my palm towards my face.