In advance of the new film Alita: Battle Angel, Iam8bit created an interactive experience in conjunction with 20th Century Fox for fans to immerse themselves in Alita’s movie world. Now, as I haven’t read the manga in a very long time, I can say that I headed to this Brooklyn spot fairly fresh.

Your experience starts with check-in. Before you go, think of a cool name for your badge and be prepared to sign an injury waiver. After they print out your badge, you can head into the Kansas Bar for a cocktail or two before entering. They have an IPA made special for the activation and it’s a solid beer; hat tip to the makers at Three Weavers Brewing. The experience starts with an introduction. As press, we got a modified version of it, featuring a history behind conceptualizing the game as well as instructions on  how to play the game in the activation.

The game’s set up is a competition. Multiple teams complete various tasks to gain points– think escape rooms, speed dating style. Visitors will have about an hour to play, but take a minute at the bar to strategize before you start. There are ten tasks, but you and your team might only get to 5 or 6 of them, so figure out where your team will go beforehand.

A few tips: you can find points all over the place. Also.listen to the actors, as they are there to guide and help the visitors. Finally, in the last game, bet it all. This won’t make sense now, but trust me.

When the game ends, visitors exit into– you guessed it– a gift shop. There, you can buy the usual tourist t-shirts and bobbleheads. In addition, there are also specialized hot sauces and chocolates for sale.

Overall the Alita Iron City activation was a fun time. I could definitely see doing this again with friends for a birthday type celebration. However, as there is a drinking component to this, bringing young children might not be a good idea. That said, I could see bringing your teenager to test their problem-solving skills.

The Alita Iron City activation will be open in New York, Los Angeles and Austin. For more info, go to Passport to Iron City. This space is open for a few weeks only and reservations are going fast.


  1. How about you don’t tell me what I “need” to do? This is still America, for now. You don’t get to tell me what to do.

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