Okay, we’ve heard from a few reliable sources that the Vampi to Fangoria deal is a done one, and Harris will have its own announcement soon. Fangoria Comics editor Scott Licina posted the following at the ComicMonsters board:

Yes, the original Bad Girl Bloodsucker has a new crypt to call her own- and I think you’ll all be VERY happy with the results!

I can’t spill much yet, but believe me, this ain’t Roger Daltry’s Vampi! We’re going back to what made VAMPIRELLA a legend, and using legends in the process!

FANGORIA ENTERTAINMENT will ONLY bring you the best in horror, in all it’s many menacing mediums. Vampi is BACK- and believe me she’s getting the star treatment at The True House of Horrors!!!

Close guess, HELLSTORM.

The new powers-that-be at Fango have loved Vampi since her inception, and worked long and hard to own her. That’s what’s going to make the difference in the end results of ALL the VAMPIRELLA projects and products- passion! That’s what’s made FANGORIA ENTERTAINMENT the horror juggernaut it’s become over the last two years- their love for horror and the brains, talent and means to make it happen.