Thank you, Kevin Melrose. Is this a new milestone for comic book movies?


  1. It kind of reminds me of when I was in undergrad and did a collage of offensive pictures for my dorm room door…
    And amid the swastikas and jackboots, there was a penis enlargement advertisement… I woke up to “there’s a giant d**k on the door. It’s a giant d**k.”

    Shame I can’t do it again. I’d love to wake up to “There’s a giant blue d**k. It’s a giant blue d**k.”

    (Actually, I would have thought Dr. M would have been better endowed).

  2. But is it circumcised? Come on, Heidi. You’re falling behind. Where’s the human interest angle in this pic?

    Inquiring minds and all that.

  3. Why are people looking for Dr. M’s junk?

    I mean, isn’t the whole point of his nakedness is because he can DO ANYTHING he wants, so why bother with clothes?

    I mean, if I could DO ANYTHING I wanted, I probably wouldn’t wear clothes either.

  4. And this is just ONE of the reasons why this movie will UNDER PERFORM at the box office. This movie will open big, but word of mouth will quickly kill this movie.

  5. “I was going to see that Watchmen thing, but I heard some bad things at the DMV about some blue guy’s dong so I saw All About Steve instead.”

  6. That’s the problem of reading this on a cell phone… everything looks so small.
    do not make jokes about a guy who can can control molecular bonds.
    and we’ve seen that he can change his density and mass, so what’s the big deal?
    Talking about the cinematical side, does this mean the MPAA is now more open to full frontal male nudity? Will they not be so hung up in the future?
    and did you ever notice that the island of Manhattan looks like a penis, making the south Bronx the testicles?