Marvel seem to be on another one of their ‘every day a new tease’ stints that they periodically enjoy throwing at the internet. This time, their intention seems to be to convince the world that they’re going to chuck the X-Men into a parallel world and reboot them.

The new teaser image, which we’ll get to in just a second, could be related to this idea. After yesterday suggesting a parallel world might be introduced to the X-Men during Act 2 of ‘Avengers Vs X-Men’, things have escalated with this second teaser, which is so enigmatic as to be hair-rippingly infuriating. Like someone from a Matrix film – worse, like someone from one of the sequels. Right, second’s up, so let’s take a look at the teaser.

This could be a mere retelling of the origin for the X-Men – but Marvel just did that, with an excellent Dennis Hopeless/Jamie McKelvie ‘Season One’ graphic novel earlier this year. And why would Marvel release a teaser suggesting the X-Men are going to be rebooted into a parallel universe so soon into the start of AvX? That would seem to give away their big event storyline before it’s halfway through. This teaser couldn’t be more annoying if it had sunglasses and a trenchcoat on it and kept going on and on about The One, you guys.

If this is neither a reboot nor a retelling, what else could be going on here? Well, um, maybe it’s a story where Brian Michael Bendis finally leaps onto the X-Men franchise and writes a story where it’s revealed that Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel et al weren’t really the first X-Men Xavier tried to recruit. He actually started off by creating a black ops team who fought nazis!

… wait and see.


  1. The X-MEN: FIRST CLASS movie team shoehorned into regular Marvel Universe continuity would be my bet. Considering what a convoluted mess the X-Men’s world has been been since Whedon and Cassaday’s ASTONISHING X-MEN ended, this might not be a bad thing.

  2. well, if it is a case of putting the x-men into their own little universe, it does bring up a couple of questions. one: would it be just the x-men going to this world or all mutants from the 616 reality. two: and a bigger question, where would wolverine end up. would they really take him out of the main marvel universe and stick him in a smaller x-world or would they leave him where he is essentially making him the last x-men (will he still be in the avengers after this whole avengrs/x mess?). if they truly do go the whole “heroes reborn version of the x-men” route, it’s gonna be interesting to see how they handle this.

  3. Didn’t Marvel promote a “Original X-Men” versus “the X-Men of now” story a while back? The two eras of teams were going to meet and fight? Don’t know what happened to that “story” so maybe this is it.

  4. AvsX will concrete Jean Grey’s return, and so lead into a reunion of the original Lee/Kirby five, or X-Factor 2.0. But also with Wolverine.

    But really, didn’t Brubaker do a pre-first X-men story already, with a third Summers brother?

  5. I’m betting it’s a story about mutants in the Victorian era England with Professor X’s grandpa in the mix.

  6. @Kard: Are you talking about the ‘First To Last’ story? It had a Giant-Size to kick it off, then happened in the X-Men title, the one that is just X-Men (Yeah, that’s confusing. The one by Gischler)

  7. I’m leaning toward the “Prof. X. recruited a team before Scott, Jean, Hank, etc.” idea. Although I do like the mutants vs. Nazis and the Victorian ideas. They could be a League of X-traordinary Gentlemen.

  8. The Brubaker story (“Deadly Genesis?”; not the best name) was about an unknown “All-New, All-Different” team and was really good. Vulcan is an interesting character.

  9. “Looks like they will finally undo all of Morrison’s X-work.”

    I can’t say that would bother me. I didn’t really care for his run. Of course it can’t be worse than Deadly Genesis which suceeded in killing Banshee and not much else.

  10. I don’t think this is actually about the x-men forming, it’s about ‘the first x-men’ in the same way Captain America was ‘the first avenger’ or maybe it’s in the same vain as the Avengers 1959 mini that was pretty good. maybe it’s what the x-men prequel was originally and it’s Xavier and Magneto as Nazi hunters.

  11. Hi Cat. Yes, I think the story you mention is the one I was indeed thinking about. I’d wondered what happened to it. Thanks for the heads-up.


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