By Todd Allen

You’re been hearing about the Valiant revival, but talk is cheap.  Here’s the first 6 lettered and colored pages from X-0 Manowar #1.  And at no extra charge, the cover!


  1. Nice. But… for some reason… I was really loving the black and white. No offense to the colorist, it is nice work and compliments the art… but the original art evoked more of my imagination I guess because my mind filled in the blanks.

    Funny how things change when color, sound effects and dialog balloons are added. Still, this is a nice jumping on point for this. I look forward to it.

  2. So, again, I’m not familiar with the character, but is this a retelling of the origin?

    It looks amazing! About the only “pamphlet” comic I’ve bought new in a long time was the new “Bulletproof Coffin” series, but I may have to try this!

  3. Cool I can`t wait for this. The second coming of Valiant. DC be warned Valiant will leave your new DC 52 stuff in the dust!

  4. Manowar looks awesome! How about a respectable Magnus title as well? Dark Horse really screwed up on its last attempt! Hopefully this time around Valiant will retain their quality for a longer run. For those of you too yung to remember Valiant from the early 90`s….trust me pretty good books month in month out.

  5. Funny that Jimmy mentioned the coloring…the first thing I thought was how good the coloring looked considering how horrible the colors were back in Valiant’s early days. It took me out of the story at times they were so bad.