PR that we’re too tired to write a funny intro to:

The Actionopolis world tour continues! Next stop: Wizard World Chicago!

Comic-Con International in San Diego saw over a dozen Actionopolis authors and illustrators and even a panel discussion spotlighting the new line. Those Actionistas who weren’t at that show were busy preparing for Wizard World Chicago and making landfall at the perennial event even as this press release is being typed.

“Spirit of the Samurai” author Gary Reed will be holding forth at table #3085 in artist alley, regaling all who’ll listen with tales of swords and rings and handing out Actionopolis freebies.

Joining him on Saturday will be Steve Jones, writer of the soon to be announced, “Henrietta Hex”. Steve’s aritst partner on the book, Chris Jones (no relation) will be at table #3178 for the duration of the con. Stop by and ask him for preview art!

Paul D. Storrie, writer of “Valkyra” will also be in attendance, milling about and taking challenges from all comers.

This is another chance for east coast fans to check out what all the hype is about regarding Actionopolis! Wizard World Chicago the weekend of August 3rd – 6th.

Stop by the site for a preview of our titles, along with downloadable sample chapters. You’ll find Actionopolis Actionistas in lots of different places this summer and fall. Check our Calendar page for details.