Dan SlottIs this a trend? Press releases complete with giant photos of Dan Slott holding a copy of SHE-HULK and Mike Siglain standing in front of a boat? It’s all in reference to now-IDW editor Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience courses.

Comics Experience is pleased to announce that Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers: The Initiative) will be teaching the Introduction to Comics Writing course and that DC Comics Editor Michael Siglain (52, JSA, Batman family) will be teaching the Introduction to Comic Book Art course. Both courses start this September.

Siglain Michael“After teaching the classes for a little over a year, I was looking to bring something new to Comics Experience. Then it occurred to me to ask, whom would I want to take these classes from? So, I didn’t have to look far to find Dan and Michael,” Comics Experience owner Andy Schmidt said. “Dan Slott, much to my surprise, agreed almost right away and Michael Siglain earned my trust over his past guest appearances. He also has an art background that makes him a better choice for the class than I was!”

Both instructors are following the general guidelines that Schmidt set out but they are also bringing new ideas to the classes. The intention is to make these courses different, but more importantly—better.

“Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience class is an invaluable tool for aspiring writers, artists, and editors. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at a few of them. Interacting with the next generation of comic book talent and passing along some of the knowledge and tricks of the trade that I’ve accumulated in my career is a truly amazing—not to mention gratifying—experience,” said Michael Siglain. “I wish these classes were around when I was trying to break into the business—they’re tremendously helpful and also a helluva lot of fun.”

Dan Slott said, “If you’re serious about the craft of comics, you can read books about writing or drawing. You can go to a convention and take notes at a panel. Maybe you can go up after, or go to a signing, and get a minute or two with an industry pro. What Andy Schmidt’s “Comic Experience” gives you is a chance, in a small class setting, to get access to a writer, editor, or artist and get advice that goes beyond the quick tips and pointers. That is such an incredible resource!”

Courses start September 24th and 25th, meeting on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and are held near Manhattan’s Penn Station. Check out www.comicsexperience.com for details. Or email [email protected] for more information!

Michael Siglain
Born and raised in New York, DC Comics editor Michael Siglain began his career in film and television as a storyboard artist and location scout. After a brief tour of duty in the NYC film world, Michael became an Associate Producer on video games, audio adaptations, and online webisodes for DC’s multimedia department. Michael eventually made his way over to editorial, where he worked on such books as Identity Crisis, JLA, Batman, and Green Lantern. After a stint with Jonah Hex and Firestorm, Michael took over DC’s hugely popular weekly book, 52, and is currently holding the reigns on Justice Society of America, Batman: Gotham After Midnight, Nightwing, and Booster Gold, among other titles

Dan Slott
Dan Slott is a writer for Marvel Comics, and is currently writing The Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers: The Initiative.

Dan has worked in the comic industry for close to two decades, writing primarily for Marvel and DC comics, and Acclaim, Top Cow, and Archie as well. He got his start as the writer for Marvel’s Ren & Stimpy book. That led to steady assignments on dozens of licensed property titles, including everything from Looney Tunes to Scooby Doo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Power Rangers, and from Sonic the Hedgehog to Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

In 2001, he switched over to DC’s Adventures line, writing for Superman Adventures, Justice League Adventures, and as co-writer for the final volume of Batman Adventures. Work on those super hero titles for younger readers led Dan to more “mature” Batman work in 2003’s well received Arkham Asylum: Living Hell.
From there came a steady stream of Marvel gigs including relaunches for She-Hulk and The Thing, as well as the mini-series GLA: Misassembled and Spider-Man/Human Torch.

Writing comics and talking about comics are pretty much all he knows. (Seriously, he can’t change a tire, add large sums, or handle raw poultry. He’s really all about the comics.). And Dan is ready to bring that focus, intensity, and love of the medium to teaching this semester’s “Introduction to Comic Book Writing” class.