Comix Influx treads the line between Wiki and scanslation without being either. Basically, it’s a cooperative website that offers English translations of foreign comics — but the translations are presented as plain text so it doesn’t have the pirate overtones of scanslations. Or as the FAQ puts it:

Comix Influx is a website dedicated to the collaborative translation of foreign-language comics. At some point, almost all inquisitive English-speaking comics readers will hear about the amazing comics coming out of Europe. Many will try buying a few, only to find that the medium of comics is genuinely a combination of pictured and words. And then some of those will then try to work through those comics, painstakingly slogging through them with a dictionary.

That effort is to be commended, but is spread among a relatively small (and easily discouraged, if I’m anything to go by) band, and tends not to contribute to the community as a whole.

The aim of this site is to harness all that disparate effort, so that it can benefit other interested readers. At Comix Influx you can find translations of great comics, help add to or imrpove the translations that are there or start a new translation of a comic that deserves a wider readeship.

Completed translations include Nègres Jaunes by Yvan Alagbé , La Meilleure du Monde by Pauline Martin, the comics parts of Unpopular Culture by Bart Beaty and Mutterkuchen by Anke Feuchtenberger. Many others are under way.


  1. Hi Heidi,

    thanks very much for mentioning our website – glad you like the idea of it.

    We have a Comix Influx Discussion mailing list, which anyone can subscribe to by sending an email with “subscribe” as the subject to [email protected]. Everyone is welcome – you don’t need to be good at languages, just interested in foreign-language comics.

    And I’ve now fixed (most of) the typos from FAQ!



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