Okay, so we haven’t quite awoken from vacation mode yet. Based on our email, neither has anyone else.


What would Clive Owen do?


What would Salma Hayek do?

Fc Herbie Cover

What would Herbie and the Flaming Carrot do?


  1. Well, on Sunday, I saw Charlton Heston star in THREE dystopian movies set in New York City (Planet of the Apes, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green), then topped that sundae with the whipped cream with sprinkles that is “Tron”. Monday, I explored Orchard Beach.

    (and I try not to wonder what Salma Hayek would do… it causes me to have weird dreams of unibrow monkeys painting socialist murals all over Rockefeller Center… with Kong atop the RCA Building, with Ms. Hayek directing.)

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