Black Spring by Maxence Emery and Thomas Humeau


The annual graphic novel issues of Words without Borders, an online international literary magazine, is out, and it has a great line-up, which you can see by clicking through. I’ve post a few preview images at the bottom of the post.


In a timely piece of graphic reportage produced in partnership with Amnesty International, the French team of Maxence Emery and Thomas Humeau give voice to an exiled, and disillusioned, Cuban revolutionary and political prisoner. 

From a book that won special mention at the 2011 Angoulême International Comics Festival, Spanish artist and video graphic star Soulman and French writer Maximilien Le Roy depict a sorrowful memoir of loss and reconciliation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

And on the light side, Italy’s prolific Paolo Bacilieri clues us in on the invention of the crossword puzzle in 1914 New York City.  

Editorial director Susan Harris said of this month’s issue, “Whether illustrating stark reportage or fanciful satire, the vivid images here add another dimension to our understanding of history both personal and political.” 

The issue also features work by Oscar Pantoja, Miguel Bustos, Felipe Camargo, and Tatiana Córdoba (Colombia), Hippolyte and Patrick de Saint-Exupéry (France), Manfredi Giffone, Fabrizio Longo, and Alessandro Parodi (Italy), and Kim Han-min (South Korea). 


A Whim of the Gods by Hippolyte and Patrick de Saint-Exupéry, Translated by Edward Gauvin


Fun by Paolo Bacilieri, Translated by Jamie Richards


A Human Act by Manfredi Giffone and Fabrizio Longo and Alessandro Parodi, Translated by Adrian Nathan West


Osama by Maximilien Le Roy and Soulman, Translated by Mercedes Claire Gilliom